Did You Know?

1. Some Hartney "Firsts"
2. Fun Facts

1. Some Hartney "Firsts"

Trade & Commerce


Lumber Sales:  Hammond & Leckie 

General Merchants: Young & Moore 

Bowling Alley: Ed. Isabey as a supplement to his machiny shop business.

Homes & Farms:


Combine:  Perry Cowan, 1928

Dwelling in District:  Fee & Long

First to winter in the region:  William Roper 1881

House in Grand Clairiere: Thomas Brelund

House In Hartney: W.H. Hotham



Female Pharmacy Grad in Manitoba  – Margaret Woodhull

Community and Services:


Mayor: Dr. F. Woodhull  1905

Ordained Minister: Samuel Polson 1890,  Presbyterian

Church Congregation: Baptist organized by Rev. J.H. Best and student Pastor J.H. Dolittle

Curling - 1894

Police Constable Town of Hartney: 1905 – W.K. Bradley

Postmaster – 1889 S.H. Dickson

First Reeve of R.M. of Cameron – 1893 John Fee

Rural Post Office - David Gibson home/farm Waneche PO – mail came from Old Deloraine.

Post Office in Meglund: W.J. Higgins

Religious Services:  Mr. W. Rochester, a Presbyterian student missionary was sent to the area to hold services in homes and to work towards the organization of a permanent parish. 1885 Whitewater Mission – 1890 Hartney – Presbyterian Church  1892.

First School: Whitewater 1884 Fred Wright – teacher Meglun 1885– 1884 David Cram

Telephone Toll Office – Woodhulls Pharmacy 1904

Methodist Minister in Hartney: Rev. J.H.L. Joslyn 1890

First  C.P.R. Agent: 1896 Charles Redpath

First Catholic Mass: Breland’s house July 22, 1888 – Father Gaire

First White Child Born:  William David Magwood 1882

First Principal: Mr. Morton

First High School principal: B.J. Hales

2. Fun Facts

- Hartney was called Airdrie until locals convinced the C.P.R. to change it.