Dakota Stories: From Manitoba & Beyond

In 2018 Leona Devuyst of the Boundary Trail Heritage Region, and Ken Storie from the
Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage Association met a number of times with Oswald McKay, an Elder from the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. The purpose of these meetings was to supplement research information about the history of the Dakota people in Manitoba.

Mr. McKay is the son of Eva McKay, now deceased, a respected leader in her community; a residential school survivor and active presenter at schools and public functions.  The highway that passes through Sioux Valley is named after Mrs. McKay.

Oswald McKay and his siblings grew up learning about the traditions, cultural activities and heritage of their people and, for many years, Oswald has served as a spiritual leader and knowledge keeper.

In collaboration with Mr. McKay, we have used information gleaned from these past interviews as an inspiration and a foundation for this research project.

We do not intend to cover the scope of the history of the Dakota People, but rather to present, as the title implies, a series of “Dakota Stories” that we see as representative of the diverse strands of the Dakota experience in Manitoba, with some glances at and the connections beyond Manitoba.  

Perhaps it can be best viewed as an introduction to the Dakota Story.

Title  Page:  An Arrowsmith Map, first published in 1803, highlighting the traditional lands of the Dakota People as reported by local historians of the time.