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Other Carberry Heritage projects:

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About the project...

The project has documented over 120 sites in Carberry and Area that possess heritage characteristics.

This is in addition to the Downtown Heritage District - which is designated as such.

For each site we have taken photos and attempted to determine the origins and significance of the site, as well as noting,
for the record, architectural, material and design details.

Each site has been placed on a map and any old photos or other documentation unearthed is included in the file.

In some cases other resources have been identified.

The Special Places Concept...

Special Places Projects were developed by the Historic Resources Branch as a method of creating Community Inventories of Heritage Resources and subjecting the sites to an analysis process that will help communties protect and use their heritage resources  to best advantage. 

The project helps communities develop the necessary processes, protocols and products that will lead to a deeper appreciation and celebration of local heritage. It will also put in place the messages and frameworks that will initiate the community into the kind of sophisticated dialogue that defines heritage activity in the 21st century.