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Blaine & Reid
Claims: In 1882, erected a Grist Mill on SE 20-3-13. Named in Glenora in honour of “Glenora Mill” and “Glenora Patent” brand flour. (Montreal, Ogilvie Milling Co.)
Probable Significance: Medium
Source: Come Into Our Heritage / 198
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Preston, Nelson Issac
Biography: Born 1846, ON
Claims: Homesteaded Glenora area with their family. Established the Preston Lime Kiln 1893.
Probable Significance: High
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Source: Come Into Our Heritage / 608
Content: Some additional information

Preston Lime Kiln
- operated 1893 - 1903
- one of the largest kilns in Western Manitoba
- well-preserved – accessible location
- one of two Preston family lime kilns.
- This one had a 20 bushel capacity