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Timeline... 1850 - 1870

The World

1861-65: Civil War in the U.S.
1848-52: Potato Blight causes extensive crop failures in Ireland.


1859: Expeditions by Capt. Palliser and Henry Youle Hind explore the Northwest Territories to examine the suitability of the region for agricultural settlement.


1869:  Louis Riel leads a group of Metis in the formation of a provisional government.

The R.M. of Argyle

  The Red River Metis on their annual bison hunt would often pass west of Rock Lake in the region we now know as Neelin. There is evidence that some Metis later returned to settle.

The Argyle Region in 1850 – 1869

These maps shows the region about 1859.


The British North American Exploring Expedition, commonly called the Palliser Expedition, explored and surveyed the open prairies and rugged wilderness of western Canada from 1857 to 1860. One purpose was to to assess the regions potential for agricultural settlement


From Hind's 1858 Map