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Timeline... 1800 - 1850

The World

1805-06:  Lewis and Clark lead an expedition across North-western United States to the Pacific Ocean.


The War of 1812 – 14.

In what is essentially a war between The United States and Britain, Canada successfully repels and American invasion with the help of native tribes. Many years later Sioux warriors, descends of those who fought, retained medals given for service the British Crown.



 The beginning of agricultural settlement in Manitoba with the arrival of Selkirk Settlers. This would lead to the establishment of Winnipeg as the commercial centre of the region.


Peter Fidler noted the abundance of sturgeon at the intersection of the Souris and Assiniboine Rivers.  In the same year the forts at this intersection were attacked by the Sioux.

The R.M. of Argyle
A 1754 map based upon LaVerendrye’s notes refers to Rock Lake as  “L. du Brochet” (Pike Lake).  Peter Pond on his 1785 map refers to it as ”Rib Lake” and the Pembina River as the “Rib River”. These were the names in use by native tribes of the time and referred to the whole Pelican – Swan Lake system which curved like the flat ribs of a bison. Today’s name for Rock Lake dates from the correspondence in 1845 of Father George A. Belcourt of Pembina in which he describes as the “Lake of the Rocks”, and it became official on an 1872 township map by dominion land surveyors.

The Argyle Region in 1800 – 1849

Peter Fidlers map - upside down! Note: Rib Lake