Wawanesa’s Significant Historical Figures

** This list is just a starting point, and we have started more detailed files for some of the names on the list.

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Bain, Alex

Mr. Bain was an Implement Dealer. He also opened the first bank in town.

Banting, T.E.M.

Cory, Thomas

One of the first settlers in the Wawanesa are

Cory, Fred

Cory, R. Jr.

Cory, Richard Sr.

Couling, Pierce

 Mr. Couling was a pioneer (1881) and served as mayor.

Ferris, J.

Joe Ferris was a carpenter, contractor and businessman.

Fowler, F.O.

Grainger, Prof., A.

Husband, Dr.

McLung, Nellie

Nellie McLung was married in the Presbyterian Church (Later United) as the Methodist Church which her family attended was too small.

Jackson, Dr. Frederick Wilbur

Dr. Jackson practiced from 1918 until 1929

Kempton, A.L.

Kinley, Richard

Payne, Mr & Mrs.

Peters, W.S.

Mr. Peters had a Massey-Harris Dealership and a Hardware Store

Rome, A.E.

Rounthwaite, S.J.

Scott, A.G.

Mr. Scott moved a store from Souris City in 1890 – he soon was living on a farm just south of town

Smith, John

Stevenson, H

Mr. Stevenson was Secretary & Director of Wawanesa Mutual

Stevenson, Thomas

Mr. Stevenson (With Mr. Ferris) operated a furniture store. He also served as a village councilor.

Story, J.J.

Mr. Story was one of Wawanesa’s first residents, and one of the first business owners.

Story, W.T.

Mr. Story was a Souris City Pioneer

Vanier Charles

Charles Vanier was a Hotel Owner.

Vanstone, Dr. Charles Morley

Dr. Vanstone practiced 1895 – 1910. Later involved in the Wawanesa Mutual