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A Vision

Wildlife Management Areas exist for the benefit of wildlife and for the enjoyment of people. They play an important role in biodiversity conservation and provide for a variety of wildlife-related forms of recreation, including birding and wildlife watching. Hunting and trapping are generally permitted in WMAs, but these activities may be prohibited or restricted in a few areas. The use of vehicles, off-road vehicles, watercraft, power boats, or airboats, may be restricted in some areas. WMAs are open year round and have no entrance fees.

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The Problem

The unrestricted use of vehicles, and activities that stem from vehicle use, is destroying properties of historic and natural significance.  These activities are clearly and totally inconsistent with the stated purpose of WMA's. Government agencies involved seem eager to dialogue with the people causing the problem, but are reluctant to listen to those of us who want to solve the problem.

The Places

Souris Mouth: Vandalism and habitat destruction is clearly linked to unrestricted vehicle use and off-season firearm use.

Souris Bend:  An Increase in ATV traffic destroys habitat and encroaches on the trail network built and mantained by local eqiestrians.

Brandon Hills: This well-used location close to Brandon is inappropriate as a place for hunting and any use of firearms.

There are many other issues and examples across the province.

A Vision

We need to rethink Wildlife Management Areas.  They were designed with hunting in mind, but but with a little "Management" they can continue to serve that purpose as well as serving other valuable functions.

More than ever, we all need access to natural areas and we need to use those areas in evironmentally responsible ways that align with the original purpose. These places can be great for wildlife and great for people.