Commercial Site Histories / Seventh Avenue 

D.31. True Value - 590 7th Avenue

Chimo & Radio SWhack
Neild Garage
McGuffin Motors

D. 39
Highway's Department (Former MTS Building) - 560 7th Avenue

D. 16. B&D Coffee Shop  (Moore's Auto) - 540 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

NAP Auto Parts
Machine Shop
Moore’s Auto
Paul Backewich (Tools)
Machine Shop

D.15. LRB Electric - (Cameron Electric) 526 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Cameron Electric
The Flower Basket
Dry Cleaner – Fontana
Kyte Hair Salon

D.29. Curves (Former Safeway Building) - 574 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Cameron Electric
Virden Television
FoodLand – Stan Elliot
Food Land Reg Hales
Sold to S.A. Elliot and A.R. Hales in 1939.

D.40 Martin’s Pharmacy -
490 7th Avenue

Fontana’s Men’s Wear
Parking Lot

D.41.  Sports Place
- 480 7th Avenue

Stedman’s  1967
Balmoral Hotel
A.    Williams Jewellery
B.    Helinski (Jewellry?)

Built as a Hardware store by Frame and Miller. Comprised of two buildings, one being the Queen’s Hotel which was moved from across the tracks.
Also referred to as the McBain Block
Sold to Gibson and McBain after WW1.

Dely Block - 462  7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

S Portion:

Independent Living
Gibson’s Mind Body and Soul
Pet Store – Thornhill
Vanny’s Sports Centre
Mahoney Hobby Shop

Middle Section

CC. Beans  / Timothy Beans
The Sports Place
Shearon’s Café / Jerry’s Lunch
Frank and Rosie Reid Café
Eugene Dely Café / Eyer Bakery and Café

North Section

The Flower Basket Future Features
Stedman’s Inwear Jeans / Evelyn’s Ladies Wear
Doherty Dress Shop / Miss Markam    
Grocery – Ernie Hales /Grocery – Hartly
Eyers Baker / Built about 1900  - George Perry (Near Balmoral) p 44

W.W. Joslin paid the taxes in 1893. In 1898 thye Joslin Liquor Store moved to Cain Block (Victoria Billiard Hall) from west side of the street.

D.5. Future Features (North Section) - 436 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Sharilyn Features
Chalair Fashions – Dori Charles
Chalair Fashions – J. Mulairn & R. Chacun
Lacey Hardware
McBain Hardware
McLellan & English – General Store…

Listed as Dry Goods on 1901 map

D.6. Future Features (South Section) -  McBain Hardware Building 436 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Larry Maguire Election Office
L&B Sewing Repair
Future Features
Al’s Catering
Petals, Pine & Potpourri
Lacey Hardware
McBain Hardware
McLellan & English – General Store building as well…

Although the building is well known for its connection to the McBain Hardware – it was the site if McLellan & English General Store from at least 1895 to 1912.

D.7. Echo Books (Higginbotham Building ) - 430 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Century Pizza before Echo Booksn  (2009)
Higgenbotham's Drug Store

Origins – Mr. Steele bought out Dr. Gemmill’s supply of drugs and set up here prior to 1891
Bought by John Higgenbotham in 1896. At that time it was Steele’s Drug store. In the family as a drug store for at least 4 generations. Appears in an 1891 photo.

D.8. Terry McLean Gallery - 418 7th Avenue S  (Gabel Building)

Formerly on This Site:

Timm's Jewellery
Stockton Dentist Upstairs
Roy Brown, Optometrist Upstairs
Gable Optometrist Downstairs

The Gabel familiy lived here from 1918 until 1947. The commercial space was occupied from 1924 until 1988 by the Timms family. Stockton, a dentist operated in the upstairs. Mr. Gabel operated an Optometrist’s Office in the Jewellery Store. Optometrist Roy Brown owned the building later, until 1965

D.9. Randy's Men's Wear ( Scarth Block) -
408  7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Brown’s Men’s Wear – Guy Longman
Brown’s Men’s Wear – Frank Browqn & Glen Fowler
Donaldson’s Men’s Wear
Bain’s Men’s Wear
H.D. Crowe’s Busy Corner Men’s Wear
Pineo and Merrick Men’s Wear

It was originally a general store and post office built by W.F. Scarth, the first postmaster at Gopher Creek.

Appears in 1891 photo.

D.62 Mall - 7th Avenue

Before Mall…
vey’s Florists & Gifts & Bulk Way
Demaury’s Gifts
Tanis Hair Salon
Irene’s Electrolysis
Pizza Shop
McDougall’s Department Store
Bowling Alley
Miss McAdam  8/102

Gopher Creek Paper
Ward Insurance
Peter Morris Insurance
D.J. Reid Insurance
Shari-Lyn Fashion
White’s Flower A

A.4. Border Regional Library -  312 7th Avenue

Chevron Office

D. 61 – Super Thrifty -  333  7th Avenue

Ward Agencies
Dennison Chew
Fowler’s Chew
Seafoot and Stewart Garage
S & S Mercury
Marshall Motors
McLean & Whitefors Motors
Town Office

D.58 Bender’s Vacuum Repairs  -  7th Avenue

Insite Hair
Demaury Gifts
Keith Creller Jewellery
Harry’s Pastry Shop
George’s Meat
Bill Baird’s Meat

D.10. Victoria Jewellers (
Cain Block)  -  405 7th Avenue 

Formerly on This Site:

Pool Hall / Victoria Tobacco and Gift
Virden Green Velvet – Doug Pidobni
Victoria Tobacco and Gift
Lloyd Gibson Pool Hall / Victoria Billiards – Charley Forster / Victoria Billiards – Ernie Forster
Hardware Store

Corner Location

Century Pizza / Slater Family / Case Family / Morris Family / Jim Dunn Family / Ed Fritzsch and Wally Walachinko

Larry’s Lunch
Brown & Fowler Clothing
Robinson Store
McDougall Fabric (
McDougall Department Store 1965 (Thomas Enterprises owners 1965)
RCA Dave Petch
Steve Hegion Upstrairs
Anna Sproule Music – Upstairs
Al Jackson Music Upstrairs

Built by John Cain  - later bought by Eugene Dely – before he moved across the street.
Named “Mid Town Block” over middle entrance.

D. 46. Kassie’s Jewellery -  425 7th Avenue

Virden Fashion Shop –
Built by Hazel Campstone
Harness Repair – Ted Boiteau

D.11. The Bread Box (Murdock Bakery Building) - 445 7th Avenue 

Formerly on This Site:

Bread Box – Careme
Bakery – Murray Wright
Bakery – Sandy & Claudie Ritchie
Randolph Bakery
Ceramics Downstairs
Fraser Bakery
Red & White Grocery Store
Jim Mair Bakery

D.12. Virden School and Office Supply (Star Cafe)  447 7th Avenue 

Formerly on This Site:

Martin’s Pharmacy
Millar Café
Lucky Strike
Chinese Café

D.13. The Ted Boiteau Harness Shop Building 461, 7th Avenue

Larry Maguire Constituency Office

Formerly on This Site:

Rolland Virtual Business System
Lennon Trilogy /Gerry’s Financial
Ye Old Tic Toc Shop – Lloyd Gibson
Helynski Jewellery

Insite 461, 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Sears /Don Widger Vacuum
Mr. Lennon /Lucille’s Hair

The middle unit was a livery stable. A crawl space in the right hand unit leads to basement – said to contain wagon wheels. The owner of the right hand (westerly) unit (now Pitter Patter) has a photo labeled Ted Boiteau Harness Shop showing the interior of that operation.

Pitter Patter 463, 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

Tindal Windows
Dave’s Windows
White’s Shoes
Ed Howell Shoe Maker

D.27. Fields Store  (Former Forester’s Garage)
479, 7th Avenue

Formerly on This Site:

V&S – Larry Wright
Forester’s Garage
Miller’s Garage

D32. Employment Skills & Katjumac  
585 7th Avenue

Sparwood’s Service Centre
Chisholm Garage
Thomas Motors