Heritage Buildings - Seventh Avenue

 Murdock Bakery Building - 445 7th Avenue

Building Code 574.D.11
ca. 1900
Origins Bakery
The Murdock Bakery Building occupies a central place in a strip of brick-fronted buildings, most constructed in the 1890’s, that line the east side of Seventh Avenue at the heart of Virden’s Heritage District.
Heritage Value
The Murdock Bakery Building is valued for its brick-fronted presence on historic Seventh Avenue, its long use as a bake shop, and the once-busy ceramics shop operated out of the basement.

Character Defining
Key elements that define the exterior heritage character of the Murdock Bakery Building Building include:

- its brick-faced façade with a modest corbel table that is shared with the building to the south, and a window alignment that is asymmetrical and does not match that of the next building with which it shares a roofline

Key elements that define the heritage character of the Murdock Bakery Building interior include:
- a staircase, heating grates, a basement which once housed a ceramic shop, a vacant  residence upstairs
Site History Formerly on This Site:

Bread Box – Careme
Bakery – Murray Wright
Bakery – Sandy & Claudie Ritchie
Randolph Bakery
Ceramics Downstairs
Fraser Bakery
Red & White Grocery Store
Jim Mair Bakery
Additional Information

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