Heritage Buildings - Nelson Street / Former Union Bank - 190 Nelson Street

Building Code 574.D.24
ca. 1900
Origins Steel's Drug Store
The Former Union Bank Building occupies the corner location at the Northeast junction of Nelson Street and Seventh Avenue with its façade overlooking the most intact portions of the historic streetscapes on each.
Heritage Value
The Former Union Bank Building is valued for role in the commercial development of Virden
The Union Bank was the leading bank on the prairies and going through a period of expansion in the late 1890’s when this branch replaced the previous premises next door. When the depression forced most chartered banks to scale back, this building became the law offices of Brayford, Buckingham and Doak, and in 1951 the Bank of Nova Scotia occupied the site.

Character Defining
Key elements that define the exterior heritage character of the Former Union Bank Building include:

- typical imposing bank-like massing crested in classic fashion by a heavy cornice.
- dark brick and dressed stone construction including its attractive finely detailed window treatment
Site History Formerly on This Site:

Scotia Bank

Nikki Pizza
Lyle Stewart
Wild Bill Pawlosky (Walter)
Ted's Barber Shop
Victoria Club
The corner building was built in 1895 to replace the annex to the immediate north, which had served as the Union Bank

Site of Foster’s Shoe Store – burned in the 90’s
Additional Information

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