Heritage Buildings - Nelson Street / Original Post Office - Nelson Avenue

Building Code 574.D.18
ca. 1890
The Former Post Office Building occupies a central place in a strip of brick-fronted buildings, most constructed in the 1890’s, that line the south side of Nelson Street, west of Seventh Avenue at the heart of Virden’s Heritage District.
Heritage Value
The Former Post Office Building is valued for its several roles in the development of Virden specifically its service as both a Post Office and the office of the Virden Advance during a key period when Virden was consolidating its role as a regional service provider and economic centre. It stands apart from many of its neighbours in that both levels of the facade are relatively intact. The building is linked to several influential pioneer businessmen. The Virden Advance, which in the 1890’s occupied the second level, was founded by C.J. Atkinson in 1885 and edited by W.H. Hall.  Pioneer merchant J.W. Scarth served as postmaster from 1882 – 1890, much of that time in this building, and J.W. Higgenbotham took over in 1908 and oversaw the move to the new larger premises across the street. In its later years the building served as a lawyer’s office and a flower shop.

Character Defining
Key elements that define the exterior heritage character of the Former Post Office Building include:

- the brick construction including the façade with a multi-layer corbel table, and its attractive finely detailed  round-arched  window treatment
- the main floor with its second entrance under an arched doorway and the bracketed canopy over the window, the second with its round arched windows and corbel tables as well as

Key elements that define the heritage character of the Former Post Office Building interior include an old staircase etc.
Site History Formerly on This Site:

Elephant’s Castle Arcade
Pirate’s Cove Arcade
Saddle Shop – Jim Hutchison
Ardith’s Flowers
Joyce Gardiner Flowers
Greta’s Flowers
Doak Lawyers (Brayfield, Doak & Buckingham
Fitzpatrick – Tailor (After George Hand)
George Hand - Tailor.
Additional Information Ida Clingan refers to the building as the "original Post Office building which M r. Brayfield )lawyer) purchased - likely around 1940-45.

Dr. Clingan established Office in the upper floor when he first moved to town.

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