Vantage Points Series : Transportation & Communication

Blue Flea 
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Vol.  III, Page 51

The Lauder Subdivision of the CPR (which came to be known as the Blue Flea) was constructed due to a request which came from one Thomas Dand.
Captain Large and the Empress of Ireland  
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Vol.  II, Page 44


In 1908 “Captain” Hunt Johnston Rolston Large, a blacksmith from Coulter, Manitoba, got it into his head that he would build a steamship.
Great Northern Railway
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Vol.  I, Page 30

Construction of the Great Northern Railway began during the winter of 1905 and finished in 1906, covering the 110 kms from St. John's, North Dakota to Brandon, Manitoba.
Lyleton Branch
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Vol.  II, Page 42

Settlers in the area of Waskada and Goodlands in southwestern Manitoba waited in great anticipation for a branch line to be built through their communities.

Mr. Bryan's Whistle Stop
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Vol.  IV, Page 58

“One time, Mr. William Jennings Bryan, a noted politician in U.S.A. was trying for the presidency. He came to Canada on the Great Northern Railway..."

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