Vantage Points Series : European Pre-Railroad Settlement

George Morton's Ventures  
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Vol. I , Page  20
1882 – 1883
The Morton Dairy Farm Company
Old Wakopa /   Web  / PDF
Vol. I , Page  42
By the spring of 1880, several settlers had made their way west and contributed to the growth of Wakopa.

Skull Swamp   
Vol.  IV, Page 7
Skull Swamp is an example of the ingenuity possessed by post glacial societies in their bison hunting techniques and how they used the existing landscape to their advantage.

Purple Hill Church        
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Vol.  III, Page 42
In 1898 the Purple Hill Church was opened and dedicated.

Mr. Barneby's Visit
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Vol.  IV, Page 55

In the summer of 1883 English writer and traveler, William Henry Barneby set out to tour the newly opened lands in western North America. 
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Vol.  I, Page 26
1882 - 1920

The Lakeside Resort That Never Was
Newcomb's Hollow: Old Deloraine Land Titles Office /  
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Vol.I, Page  23

1880 - 1892
Some days, as many as 70 people waited outside the office for their turn to do business with Newcomb.
Old Deloraine
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Vol.  I, Page 24
After the Land Titles Office was established at the edge of Turtle Mountain (by George F. Newcomb), the area began bustling with activity.
Mrs. Weightman Comes to Canada
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Vol.  IV, Page 32

Mrs. Weightman, a widow from Berwickshire, in northern England, and her children, arrived at their homestead in the spring of 1882 after a fifty-six day journey from Edinburgh, Scotland.  

Dand Stone Features  WebPDF
Vol. III  Page 16
The purpose behind these mysterious and unique features may never be determined

Dreaming Up Dobbyn City
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Vol.  IV, Page 8

1881 – 1883
This "Speculative" or "Paper" City" was planned near what wouild become Melita during the Manitoba Boom. Its owner/promoter soon turned to other, more successful, ventures.

Sam Heaslip - The "Stage Coach" Mailman
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Vol.  IV, Page 17

 In the early 1880’s the main road from Old Deloraine to Brandon was the Heaslip Trail named for Sam Heaslip who established the trail and used it to deliver the mail.
Grande Clairière  
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Vol.III, Page 
During the winter of 1889—1890 Gaire travelled to France for a month to act as an “Immigration Agent” for the Canadian Government. He was overwhelmingly successful: 80 French and Belgium families accompanied him back to Winnipeg, 40 of which continued on to Grande Clairière.
Grande Clairière Convent   
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Vol.  I, Page 29
The beginning of the Grande Clairière Convent was marked in 1898 when Father J. Gaire, the parish priest from Grande Clairière, was visiting the family of one of his parishioners in France.
1898 - 1923

Lauder Sandhills  
Vol.  III, Page 13
10,000 BC - Present) The unique environment provided by the Lauder Sandhills attracted bison, which appealed to the early peoples who came to camp and live there.

Melgund - Almost a Village
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Vol. IV , Page  9
Before Hartney and Lauder beame villages, Melgund was on the map. Although it never became a centre of commerce, it did endure as acommunity.

Manchester to Melita /   Web  / PDF
Vol.  II, Page 37
The most successful of the Sourisford communities
1881 - Present

Bison Rubbing Stone
Vol. III Page 9
In an era where herds of bison are but a memory, the bison rubbing stones remind us of a time well passed . . .

Brockinton Site 
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Vol. II  Page 33
The Brockinton archaeological site is located along the Souris valley wall south of Melita. This site was occupied by three different cultures over the last 1600 years. These occupations left behind rare and archaeologically invaluable finds.
 During this site's earliest occupation, it was used as a bison pound.
Old Melita Trail  /   Web  / PDF
Vol. I , Page  24
It is likely that the trail was first created by the surveyors who travelled the area between 1879 and 1880, marking out the land into townships (blocks of 36 square miles).
Walter Thomas - Against All Odds
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Vol.  IV, Page 42

 It was in late March 1880. A spell of warm weather had melted much of the snow, when Walter set out for Winnipeg to get more provisions.
Walter Thomas - Kitchen Table Surgery
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Vol.  IV, Page 42

 He learned later that it was fortunate that muzzle was close to the arm and the flame from it burned the flesh and arteries so that very little blood escaped.

The Halfway House 
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Vol.  IV, Page 21
 When you discover that your homestead happens to be in the right location, and you don’t mind some company from time to time, why not go into the business?

Manitoba Land Survey Systems
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Vol. I , Page  17

Manitoba's Borders
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Vol. II , Page  43

Manitoba's Borders
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Vol. II , Page  43
The original size of the province was only one-eighteenth its present size.

Railway Schemes and Dreams
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Vol. IV, Page  10
While many of the railway proposals may have been based more on hopes than on available investors, most were practical, indeed modest, attempts to address a local Manitoba need.

Fron Trails to Rails
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Vol. IV , Page  19
Whole villages like Deloraine, Waubeesh and Wassawa were moved to new locations when the rail line passed them by.

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