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All Saint's Church  
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Vol.  III, Page 34

The All Saint’s Church and Cemetery served as a landmark and community centre for over 30 years before the numbers in the parish could no longer support it.

A Tale of Two Mill Fires
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Vol.  IV, Page 18

The story of milling in Boissevain begins shortly after the town was established as an important commercial centre on the new CPR line. In those days a progressive town needed a mill.

The First Phone in Boissevain
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Vol.  IV, Page 28

In 1904 a local exchange was located in Hilton's Drug Store, but only a few residences were hooked up. Then in 1906 the Bell Telephone Company began installing its own phones in Boissevain homes.

Dunseith Trail     
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Vol.  I, Page 35
Heaviest use: 1920 – 1933

The prohibition of beverage alcohol in the early 1900s paved the way for one of the area's most colourful chapters of thrill and intrigue.

George King General Store    
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Vol.  III, Page 49

The building that used to house the George King General Store dates back to 1904.  King’s store had three sections, divided by small steps of stairs.

George Morton's Ventures  
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Vol. I , Page  20
1882 – 1883

He persuaded businessmen in Kingston to invest in the Morton Dairy Farm Company and received (via his business connections with John A. MacDonald the right to purchase 72 square miles (184 kmsē) of land west of Whitewater Lake.

Great Northern Railway 
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Vol.  I, Page 30

Construction of the Great Northern Railway (GNR) began during the winter of 1905 and finished in 1906, covering the 69.5 miles (110 kms) from St. John's (Devil's Lake), North Dakota to Brandon, Manitoba.
1905 - 1936

Lake Max Recreation 
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Vol.  III, Page 27

As the largest lake in what is now Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Max Lake was the natural location of choice for summer holidaying.

Lake Max Sawmill    /   Web  / PDF
Vol.III  , Page 26

In 1880 Mr Bolton established a sawmill on the shore of Lake Max. The next year, entrepreneur George Morton bought the sawmill and used it to produce lumber for nearly every building in the then thriving village of Whitewater.

Lorna Smith Nature Centre
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Vol.I, Page  41

The Lorna Smith Nature Centre just southeast of Boissevain was established in 1983 by the Turtle Mountain Conservation District as part of the reservoir project.

Mennonite Settlement in Southwest Manitoba   /   Web  / PDF
Vol. I , Page  34

....the Mennonites that settled in southwestern Manitoba – around Whitewater Lake particularly – did not arrive until 50 years later, ....

Skull Swamp
Vol.  IV, Page 7

Skull Swamp is an example of the ingenuity possessed by post glacial societies in their bison hunting techniques and how they used the existing landscape to their advantage.

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