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Brockinton Site      Web  / PDF     Vol. II  Page 33
The Brockinton archaeological site is located along the Souris River valley wall south of Melita. This site was occupied by three different cultures over the last 1600 years. These occupations left behind rare and archaeologically invaluable finds.
 During this site's earliest occupation, it was used as a bison pound.
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Sourisford Linear Burial Mounds         WebPDF      Vol.  2, Page 36
Artifacts from these thousand year-old burial mounds indicate the trade relations that existed upon the plains before convenient modes of transportation.
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Manchester to Melita /   Web  / PDF     Vol.  II, Page 37
The most successful of the Sourisford communities

Melita Robbery      Web  / PDF     Vol.  II, Page 38
A Midnight Crime Hits Southwest Manitoba . . . September 1923

Oil Exploration      Web  / PDF      Vol.  II, Page 46
The present-day oil boom builds upon a history of success in the oil industry.

Snyder II Site      WebPDF     Vol. III  Page 15
The Snyder II Archaeological site is on the bank of the Gainsborough Creek just half a kilometer west of its junction with the Souris River. T

Old Melita Trail  /   Web  / PDF       Vol. I , Page  25
It is likely that the trail was first created by the surveyors who travelled the area between 1879 and 1880, marking out the land into townships (blocks of 36 square miles).

Dreaming Up Dobbyn City    Web  / PDF     Vol.  IV, Page 8
This "Speculative" or "Paper" City" was planned near what wouild become Melita during the Manitoba Boom. Its owner/promoter soon turned to other, more successful, ventures.
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The Local Egg Grading Station              Web  / PDF     Vol.  V, Page 28
The Melita Creamery had 6 full-time egg handlers, who worked almost day and night during the peak season.
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An Elephant Story – By Jerry Drier             Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 33
Vantage Points Flashbacks:    Radio Broadcast   |   Illustrated Text  |  Resources

Prisoners of War – Harvest Help       WebPDF       Vol. V, Page 39
The prisoner farmhands were lightly guarded and often permitted to go shopping or attend church.  An unknown number stayed after release and became Canadians.

What's on in Melita This Week?     Web  / PDF     Vol. V, Page 53
The Melita Opera House was one of several venues offering a wide variety of touring entertainers.
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Vantage Point Flashbacks (Radio Broadcasts)

#14: What Happened to Manchester? 
Manchester wasn't the first town to find out that the name they chose was already taken.

#31: Ready to Dig at GainsboroughCreek
People farmed in Southwest Manitoba many centuroes ago. They farmed the same fields beside Gainsborough Creek for over 200 years - growing corn, squash and beans.
#58:  Elephants at Melita
It was around 1950. A Circus had visited Melita and was was heading to its next stop,when one of the trucks got stuck on a muddy road. Fortunately there were elephants to help out.

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