Vantage Points Series : Churches & Cemeteries

All Saint's Church  
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Vol.  III, Page 34

1888 – 1929

The All Saint’s Church and Cemetery served as a landmark and community centre for over 30 years before the numbers in the parish could no longer support it.

Chain Lakes Quaker Church 
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Vol.  III, Page 46
The area around Chain Lakes was settled by Quakers—also commonly known as “Friends.”
Copley Church 
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Vol.  II, Page 40
1890 - 1913
In the extreme southwest corner of the province of Manitoba there sits the ruins of a small church. The first church of any denomination to be built west of the Souris River.
Grande Clairière Convent  
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Vol.  I, Page 29
The beginning of the Grande Clairière Convent was marked in 1898 when Father J. Gaire, the parish priest from Grande Clairière, was visiting the family of one of his parishioners in France.
Prairie Skills Centre
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Vol. III   , Page  43
When the two congregations joined together and formed the Union Church, the old fieldstone building was left empty. Since that time it has served a multitude of purposes.
Purple Hill Church        
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Vol.  III, Page 42
In 1898 the Purple Hill Church, located in the Medora area, was opened and dedicated.

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