News and Notes

Vol. 4: April, 2017

Heritage Conference Highlights
Our March 10 Conference offered something for everyone.

The Role of the Archaeologist
Suyoko Tsukamoto, the Impact Assessment Archaeologist, with the Historic Resources Branch, explained procedures used in the field and offered highlights of some Manitoba research initiatives.

The Historic Ressources Branch
Holy Cote, the Municipal Consultant for HRB, outlined support and grant programs designed to preserve heritage sites and offer assistance to municipal heritage groups.

The Film Presentaion – Reserve 107
A thoughtful and encouraging look at how a Saskatchewan farm community, living on what was reserve land, is joining forces with the Young Chippewa band now claiming their land back.

Opportunities and Challenges in a Less Stable World - David Neufeld
The stresses of climate change, political polarization, a widening wealth gap, and the continuing cascade of Supreme Court rulings in favour of aboriginal claims affect our daily lives.  They might also affect our mission as a heritage association.   David invites discussion on these issues:

Why Local History Matters – Ken Storie
School textbooks, by their very nature, are short on local details. Local details, concrete sites and artifacts, and local knowledge, can make history class more interesting.

The presentation is available online at:


Local Initiatives – Bill Warren
The Pierson and Area Heritage Committee has staged a series of displays at the local library on topics such as Local Schools and Aboriginal History. They created James Dandy Park and a heritage display near the entrance to town.



In the early 1900’s postcards became a very popular method of sending a short note – the e-mails of the era.

This postcard is one of thousands that were created in Manitoba small towns, often by local photographers. They served to promote the town and its services, and today are a valuable source of historic images.

Melita and Hartney have extensive collections of photos on their Heritage Websites:

Board Meetings
We welcome visitors at our Board Meetings. The next one is:

Monday, April 10. 7PM
Two Borders Municipal Office

We also welcome questions, suggestions etc.