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Charles Sankey
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Vol.  III, Page 30

Over the span of his nearly 100 years he became a sailor, farmer, veterinarian, gold-panner and dedicated community worker

What the Rats of Cranmer Knew
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Vol.  IV, Page 50

At about 9 P.M. on a late September evening in 1928 the rats that had been living comfortably in the United Grain Growers Elevator at Cranmer began an evacuation of the premises.

Napinka School
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Vol. IV, Page 

The two-storey fieldstone building that still stands on the north side of Napinka was completed in 1901, and is one of the most unique schools built in Manitoba.

Purple Hill Church       
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Vol.  III, Page 42

Waskada's Blacksmith: Ren Amos 
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Vol.  IV, Page 23

Over a span of half a century, Ren operated his blacksmith shop. He had to rebuild it twice. His wife often helped him in the shop and together they lived and worked through countless changes in agricultural methods.

Waskada Museum
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Vol.  III, Page 30

In 2013 the Museum Committee celebrated adding their 6th building to their collection.

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