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Local History Books

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Local History PDF's

Boissevain / Morton

Beckonning Hills
Beckonning Hills Revisitied

Deloraine / Winchester

Deloraine Scans a Century

Grassland R.M.

The Mere Living

The Rise and Fall of a Prairie Town (Lauder), Volume 1
The Rise and Fall of a Prairie Town, Volume 2
The Rise and Fall of a Prairie Town, Volume 3

Killarney / Turtle Mtn. RM

Trails and Crossroads to Killarney


Oakland R.M.

Oakland Echoes

Two Borders R.M.

Gnawing at the Past (Lyleton)
Harvests of Time (Edward)
Our First Century (Arthur)
Our First Century (Sequel)  (Arthur)


Our First Century (Arthur)
Our First Century (Sequel)  (Arthur)

Souris / Glenwood


Regional Books

The Souris Plains
The Souris River Posts
In View of Turtle Hill - (online at Peel's Prairie Provinces)
Souris Valley Plains
Town of Hartney - List of Electors, 1926 
(online at Peel's Prairie Provinces)

Aboriginal History

With Good Intent.  BU Library# E78.C2W58
The People of the Plains
BU Library# E78.C2P13

The Political Economy of Indian Health and Disease in the Canadian Northwest

The Journals of Alexander Henry and David Thompson, edited by E. Coues

The Journals of Alexander Henry and David Thompson, Index

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Archives and Museums

Elgin and District Historical Museum: 204 769 2202
Hartney: Hart-Cam Museum : 204 848 2590 / 2450 / 2398
Melita: Antler River Historical Society Museum : 204 522 3103 / 3438

Souris: Hillcrest Museum: 204 483 3309
Waskada Museum

Provincial Directories


Manitoba Heritage Gallery

Historic Sites of Manitoba
Manitobia (Newspapers and Local History Books)
Manitoba Local History Resources

Prairie & National Directories

Peel's Prairie Provinces
Manitoba Online History

Heritage Projects

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Other Regional Projects


River Journeys in Southwestern Manitoba
False Starts: Settlement Stories From Western Manitoba
The Souris Bend
History of Shelterbelts in Westman

Photo Collections

Hartney Heritage Sites
Melita Heritage Sites

Regional Collections

Boundary Trail History
Boundary Trail Heritage Region

Local News
Melita New Era
Deloraine Times
The Recorder
Grassland News
Brenda-Waskada News Page

Book Reviews

Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life by James Daschuk
University of Regina Press, Regina, 2013
340 pages, illus. $39.95 hardcover


The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account Of Native People In North America by Thomas King
Doubleday Canada, Toronto, 2012 304 pp., $34.95 hardcover


The Comeback by John Ralston Saul

Making the argument that First Nations people have been making a comeback in terms of legal respect for the past 100 years.

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