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Brandon Heritage : Print Resources 

Barker, G.F., Brandon: A City (Self-Published, 1977)

Berton, Pierre, The National Dream (Penguin Books Canada,1989)

Berton, Pierre, The Last Spike  (Toronto: McLelland and Stewart Ltd., 1971)

Brown, Roy, The Brandon Hill Connection, (Tourism Unlimited, Brandon MB.)

Brown, Roy, The Fort Brandon Story, (Tourism Unlimited, 158 8th St. Brandon Mb.)

Brown, Roy, Steamboats on the Assiniboine, (Tourism Unlimited, Brandon MB)

Coates, Ken, and McGuiness, Fred, Manitoba : The Province and People  (Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton, 1987)

Coates, Ken, and McGuiness, Fred, The Keystone Province : An Illustrated History of Manitoba Enterprise  (Windsor Publications, 1988)

Fleming, Sandford, C.M.G., Report : Canadian Pacific Railway 1880, (Ottawa,: Maclean, Roger & Co.1880)

McVicar, Mrs. Dougald, Reminiscenses of early Brandon (Unpublished Memoir, 1946)

Kavanagh, Martin, The Assiniboine Basin, (The Gresham Press, Old Woking, Surrey, England 1966 Ed.)

Secretan, J.H.E., Canada’s Great Highway: From the First Stake to the Last Spike (London, 1924)

Trotter, Beecham, A Horseman and The West (Toronto: Macmillan Company of Canada Ltd., 1925),

Welsted, John, Everitt, John, And Stadel, Christoph : The Geography of Manitoba : Its Land and People (University of Manitoba Press)

Brandon Online Resources: By Topic

Brandon Friendship Centre

“Three Mere Housewives” and the History of the Brandon Friendship Centre by Scott M. Kukurudz, Vancouver, BC

Brandon House

by Dr. Ross Mitchell, Manitoba Pageant, January 1962, Volume 7, Number 2

Brandon Sun History

Brandon History General

Early Days in Brandon, by Hartwell Bowsfield, Manitoba Pageant, September 1957, Volume 3, Number 1

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada: A city with a great future, where ambition will succeed. Brandon Commercial Bureau

Brandon in the year 1913.

A handbook of the county of Brandon (the garden of the province) and the city of Brandon (the metropolis of the West), Brandon Board of Trade

Christmas, 1892: [Special issue], no.1, Brandon Times  ( On Brandon and vicinity.)

The British Northwest: Pen and sun sketches in the Canadian wheat lands: The illustrations from photographs taken upon the spot.

The Assiniboine basin: A social study of the discovery, exploration and settlement of Manitoba.

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and her industries.

A horseman and the West.

The Brandon Wheat Kings - 1887 Vintage, Doerksen, A. D., (Manitoba Pageant, Winter 1977, Volume 22, Number 1)

Historical Tour of Brandon

Historical Writing

Brandonography: Historical Writings on Manitoba’s “Wheat City”
This feature accompanies Manitoba History, Number 56 (October 2007), a special commemorative issue for the 125th anniversary of the founding of the City of Brandon, in 1882.

Manitoba Homecoming

Mayors of  Brandon

Manitoba History, Number 56, October 2007

McKee of Brandon College

by Tommy McLeod, Victoria, BC
Manitoba History, Number 40, Autumn / Winter 2000-2001


Every Stone a Story

Postal History

Postcards of Brandon

Brandon History in Postcards - by Jack Stothard, Brandon, Manitoba
Manitoba History, Number 56, October 2007


lllustrated Souvenir of Brandon, Manitoba


Canada’s Great Highway: From the First Stake to the Last Spike,  Secretan, J.H.E., (London, 1924)

Alpheus B. Stickney (1840-1916)  General Superintendent of the C.P.R. in April of 1881


A reliable guide for settlers, travellers & investors in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba and the new North-West, Wyatt, George H.  (Toronto: s.n., 1881.)

Street Names

Brandon Street Names


Brandon Transit History

Virtual Tours of Brandon MB.