Wakopa NWMP Depot

The Boundary Commissioners finished their survey during the summer of 1874. Near the end of that year the North West Mounted Police used the Boundary Commission Trail – freshly blazed – as their avenue of travel on their trek to “establish law and order in the west” and to prepare the frontier for settlement.

For a short time, they made used of the depot established near where Wakopa was located.

In 1888, to stop horse thieves from raiding settlers' farms, a detachment of one commissioned officer and twenty-four men was formed to patrol the border to the south from 1885 to 1890. Although these men often boarded in the villages, they had a cabin and a stable on a point of land running out from the north shore of William Lake. This was an ideal spot to check the trails through the Mountain. They effectively stopped the horse thieves and those poaching wood and timber. Several teams were seized and sold at auction.
Later the detachments were stationed on trails leading from N. Dakota to Crystal City, Cartwright, Wakopa, Killarney, Holmfield, Boissevain and Deloraine. One man remained at the detachment while another was on patrol. These detachments were withdrawn in 1894 and not re-established until 1916.


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The foundation was there until few decades ago.