Sheppard's Ferry Site

A ferry that operated from about 1882 until 1903 just east of where where Highway#10 now crosses the Souris River at Riverside.

Sheppard's Ferry was on 21-6-19.  When Iscouted the area there were only a few spots where a gentle approach and low banks would alow for a ferry site.  This site, just easy of the old bridge site is the most likely.

Here's another view taken near the site of the old bridge.

And from east of the bridge

The remains of thr bridge and a view to the ferry site.

The remains of the bridge - the ferry somewhere to the right.

A Sheppard's Ferry Post Office was opened nearby in 1883 and closed in 1885. Maps show it on the south side of the river.

Sheppard's Ferry was replaced by a bridge - the remains of which can still be seen.

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