Princess Harbour

1. Photos by Ken Storie  -  1973 - 75

2.  Photos from  "From Paddles to Propellers,  The History of Matheson Island: A Fishing Community"

1. Photos by Ken Storie  -  1973 - 75

Princess Harbour was Rabbit (sp?) Point in the early days.

The "End of the Road" across from Matheson Island. From here it was a 20 km boat or snowmobile ride to Princess Harbour.

A view of "The End of the Road" from the boat.

We passed Matheson Island on the way.

We also pass Black Bear Island while crossing the lake. The lighthouse is now at the Marine Museum in Selkirk

Tamarack Island north of Princess Harbour.. When I visited in 1974 it had two residents. We were delivering mail.

Taking in a supply of ice.

A bear, in our back yard.

Photos from  "From Paddles to Propellers,  The History of Matheson Island: A Fishing Community"


1 An aerial view of Princess Harbour, originally known as Rabbit Point. Photo taken from Lake Winnipeg Costal Directory, Lake Agassiz Marine Inc., Gimli, Manitoba.

PH2. Princess Harbour 1940. Taken from ”People of the Interlake”

PH3 Map (Mb Archives)

PH 4. George Rieck's mink pens - 1946 -  housed 5000 mink.

PH 5.   Myrtle and Olaf (Oli) Anderson - 1934.

PH 6: Cara & Oli Anderson - 1981

PH 7 Pulpwood is loaded onto a barge at the government pier - 1957. The man, second rom the left is Alfred Cook.

PH 8. The Anderson home - built in 1933. Picture taken in 1991.

PH 9   The first school - opened in 1939.

PH 10:  Rabbit Point - 1940. L-R: School, net reel Anderson’s home. Notice the track on the dock for moving the fish boxes up to the station.

PH 11 Ed Flor

PH 12 The first motor vehicle at Rabbit Point, belonging to Ole Anderson.

PH 13. A miniature wooden winch Made by Franklin Magnusson to demonstrate how boats used to be pulled out of the water.

PH 14. Anderson’s General Store was built in 1947.
The first store was made of logs and was built ill 1934. The Anderson's new home was built behind the store. Later owned by Dave and Marlene Monkman.

PH 15:   The Ingemar and Kay Carlson home in 1940. Their large garden areas to the left. The large pole by the house is for their battery-operated radio. Behind the Carlson house is Anderson's store and house. To the right is the harbour area.

PH 16:  Ingemar Carlson heading to the trapline.

 PH 17
These Rabbit Point residents are all enjoying a beautiful  day on  the large rock by the harbour. Back row, LR: George Rieck, Jr., Bessie Johnson, Edna and Allie Carlson. Middle: Albert Young Jr., Ernie Rieck, Jack Carlson, Hazel Johnson, Myrtle Anderson and  Vernie Carlson. Lying in front: Edward Anderson and Dave Carlson.

PH 18. Oli Anderson is grading furs for Franklin Magnusson (kneeling behind Oli) and Ed Anderson (kneeling to the right). L-R: Barry and Dolly Magnusson, and Brenda, James and John Anderson.

PH 19. The Carlson sisters playing with their pet mink. Barney and Clifford

PH 20: Gus and Harriet Ristrom.

PH 21 Evelyn and George Rieck

PH 22. L-R: Ernest, Mary, George Sr. and George Jr. Reick

PH 23. LR: Nora and Clarence Helgason and  Mark Singleton (teacher) at Nora's birthday party . November 17, 1970.

PH 24. Part of the Cat train that went thought the ice near Rabbit
Point in 1972.  Ed Anderson, Franklin Magnusson and Steve Olafson are in this picture.

PH 25: 1951.52 School year. Back row, L~R: Milllie and Joe Carlson, Shirley and Margie Anderson, and Harvey Bruce.  Middle: Arlene, Shirley and Joyce Bruce. Front: Bernard Carlson.

PH 23.  The last class at Dolly Magnusson School - June 19, 1986. Back row, L-R: Harold Flesher (teacher), Rudolph Rieck, James and Johu Anderson, Dorotby Flesber (teacher). Front: Bernard and Leslie Rieck, Trevor Hudson , and Dennis Rieck.

PH 24" Back Row, L.R: John and Ed Kennedy, Pansy Raven and Marlene Magnusson  (Middle: Joanne Helgason, , Barbara Rieck, Christine Magnusson, and Mary Ann Rieck. Front: Brian Helgason, Roddy Rieck and Donald Magnusson

1971 - Fish Station and Government Dock