A CN Station, store and Post Office about 16 km south of Gladstone. First called Neepawa Junction.

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Muir Post Office

Established     -   1912 - Closed  1969

    Sec. 14, Twp. 13, R. 11, WPM
    Sec. 9, Twp. 13, R. 11, WPM - 1912-11-01

Valley Stream School (No.1104)

The school two miles away was the center of social life, as it was there the dances were held before Muir Hall was built.
Albert and Emma Serbin were the musicians.

The Valley Stream School District was organized formally in December 1900.
As of 1944, a one-room schoolhouse was operating at the northwest corner of SW10-13-11W. The district was dissolved in 1967.
Among the teachers of Valley Stream School was Nell Ruchkall Ramsay (1943-1944).

Muir Memories
From “Golden Memories”

On April 11, 1911 Mr. and Mrs. Alf Rosling arrived in Canada from their home in Lund, Yorkshire, England, with their two young sons.
They went to Muir in April 1913, where Mr. Rosling took on duties of a sectionman for two years, after which he purchased the NE quarter of 10-13-11 at Muir on which he farmed until his retirement in 1946. Their third son, Walter was born at Muir, August 24th, 1914.


George Gardiner tells us that: "My most vivid memory of the times we lived on the Freeborn farm is our arrival by train at Muir, spring of 1928. Mother and all us kids except Jim, who was born later, arrived at Muir and Dad was not there to meet us. Mother went to the store to phone and she found out Dad was away for a load of hay and nobody was able to come and pick us up. However, Angus Gillies, then living on the Broadfoot place, 1 1/2 miles north of Muir, was at the store and came to our rescue. He volunteered to take us home with his team and wagon. I recall crossing the bridge south of the Golden Stream School with the creek flooding the road on both sides. We kids were all a little scared as we had never seen anything like it. However, Mr. Gillies assured us all was safe. During the trip home Mr. Gillies pointed out the school to us and the names of all the local people that lived in the area. We were very fortunate Mr. Gillies happened to be at Muir store when we arrived."

Charles Rosling was born in Lund, Yorkshire, England in 1888.
In 1910 he came by boat and train from England, to work for J. Stewart in the Gladstone district.
In 1919 he worked for the C.N.R. at Muir. He returned to England and wed Minnie Bedford of Hull Yorkshire, England in May, 1920. They returned to Muir and lived in a two roomed home, across the tracks from Bill and Alice Mountain's store. In Feb. 1921 a daughter Gwendolyn was born, and on July 1922 a son Arthur was born.

In April of 1927, Edgar and Rosa Hillman and their originally of Glousestershire, England, arrived in Canada. They were met at the Muir depot by Rob Wallace and were taken to their new farm in the Golden district. Their first glimpse of their new home was not one of green pastures and rolling hills, but instead that of a Spring thaw with most of the land covered with water.   P119


George Holt family…

Sometimes the section foreman, who had the store at Muir, would bring supplies for us on the jigger. Such wonderful kind folks! What fun we had at the card parties on Friday nights. !
Maurice Clayton relates how he and Brother Alfie along with girl friends planned to go to a dance at Katrime. They hitched up the horses and buggy and drove as far as Muir store and put the horses in the barn. There, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mountain who were the store operators, they proceeded on a hand car via C.N. rail to Katrime to the dance. When the dance was over in the wee small hours of the morning, they travelled back to Muir by hand car and discovered the horses had broken out of the barn and hit for home. The boys flagged the train in order to get back to Gladstone.  On arriving home, they found the horses at the barn door.
Cattle guards were angular iron pieces with steel tipped spikes along the top to deter cattle etc. from crossing into railroad property. At one time when Ida was hurrying to meet the train, she got her foot caught in the cattle guard and was just able to free herself in time.
The grass was so lush along the tracks that the cattle guards didn't keep the stock off the tracks and many animals were killed. One caused a huge wreck of a fast freight train a mile south of Golden Stream. The train's engineer was nicknamed Casey Jones. This day as he rounded the bend west of Muir, he espied a herd of cattle enjoying the sun on the road and rail crossing. He opened his throttle full speed hoping the impact would lift any beasts in way of passage. It wasn't successful for one animal went under the pony tracks on the front of the engine. This caused a derailment 1/4 mile further along the track. The only person hurt was the man who jumped off the engine and sprained his ankle. The smoke stack of the old steamer was imbedded in the side of the ditch almost covered in plowed up soil. The clean-up took near a week and crowds of people came to see the wreck.

Mr. Robert Broadfoot who kept a store at Neepawa Junction (later to become Muir) served as Superintendent for many years.


The Greening Story…

On Monday, March 30th, the Winnipeg Free Press took pictures of our family group, after which, escorted by Mr. Goulding, we boarded the train for Muir. On arrival we were greeted by Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Sears, Mr. and Mrs. Mountain and some members of the Clayton family. Two wagon boxes conveyed us and our effects to our new home, the farm at Golden Stream.

"Memories of Golden Stream School
Jan. 2 - June 30,1922
I landed in Muir on January 2, 1922, a cold, bleak, stormy day, to begin my duties as teacher of Golden Stream school.
August 7, 1924: During the summer there has been considerable interest taken in the game of horseshoes or farmers golf at Muir. To settle the old question of "Who is the best Player" they put on a tournament last Wednesday evening. Of the 16 entries made, R. Switzer and Ed Zerbin made the highest score of 63 points with Wm. Clayton Sr. and Mr. Kilworth a close second with 62 points to their credit. Wm. Clayton Jr. and J. Hesselwood won third prize with 57 points.


George Ford             1912-11-01     1917-05-01     Resignation
R.E. Broadfoot             1917-11-17     1919-12-11     Resignation
D.H. McKenzie     OAS         1920-01-08     1921-07-15     Resignation
W.J. Mountain             1921-09-01     1932-07-19     Resignation
Rupert George Shackleford             1932-08-13     1935-05-31     Resignation
Charles Cockram     OAS         1935-06-01     1955-06-03     Resignation
Mrs. Esther Poole         *     1955-07-01     Acting     -
Mrs. Esther Poole         *     1955-08-04     1959-03-31     Resignation
William Carnahon         1899-12-08     1959-04-01     Acting     -
William Buhler         *     1959-07-01     Acting     -
William Buhler         *     1959-10-13     1967-10-14     Resignation
Mrs. Agatha Funk         *     1967-10-22     Acting     -
Mrs. Agatha Funk         *     1968-01-04     1969-04-30     Closed

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