Lyonshall District Church

Lyonshall Church was built in the nineties on NE 27-2-18. This was a neighborhood church used alternate Sundays by Presbyterians and Anglicans, and occasionally by the Methodists.

In 1922 a union was effected with Lyonshall and Rowland with Rev. W. Ruddle as minister.

There was some friendly rivalry. "I recall," Mary Card wrote, "a joke Father told with great relish about two ministers, one Presbyterian, the other Methodist. The Presbyterian was determined to arrive in Killarney first, so he climbed into the cabin beside the engineer. But when the train arrived, the Methodist minister was found riding on the cowcatcher."

"A story is told about one minister at Lyonshall" according to D. H. Davidson, "having tied his horse to the fence where he could watch it through the window as he conducted the service. As it was a hot sultry day and there were plenty of mosquitoes, the horse was very restless. Near the end of the service it had 'become so upset it might have got into trouble at any moment. In pronounc- ing the benediction, the minister concluded with "Whoa" instead of "Amen," for which an explanation seemed in order."