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Vantage Points Stories

Beginning of the Metigoshe Community 
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Vol.  II, Page 8

...despite their frequent visits to Turtle Mountain the Metis did not permanently settle there until the early 1900s.

St. Paul's  Church
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Vol.  III, Page 39

In the spring of 1917 the Belgian community living on the slopes of Turtle Mountain and their priest, Father P. E. Halde decided to build themselves a church wherein they could pursue their worship of the Catholic faith.

Deloraine's Dr. Thornton
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Vol.  IV, Page 22

In Deloraine, in the first part of the twentieth century, if someone mentioned "The Doctor" it could refer to only one person: Dr. Thornton.

Ben Arde: Mountainside Store Operator  
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Vol.  III, Page 53
1949 - 1962

Ben Arde was born in Saskatchewan in October of 1926. His parents farmed there until the 1930s. When Ben was eight his father, originally from Wakopa, moved his family back to Manitoba, this time settling south of Mountainside.

Mountainside General Store  
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Vol.III , Page 53

Est. about 1913

Ben Arde took over the store in 1949 (see Ben Arde: Mountainside Store Operator ) and operated it for 14 years.

Delivered by Train - Prairie Style
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Vol.  IV, Page 29

The extension of the CN line from Adelpha on to Deloraine brought service to Mountainside and area.

Mrs. Weightman Comes to Canada
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Vol.  IV, Page 32

Mrs. Weightman, a widow from Berwickshire, in northern England, and her children, arrived at their homestead in the spring of 1882 after a fifty-six day journey from Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Alton Breault - Adventures of a Radar Repairman
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Vol.  IV, Page 52

It was top secret - he and his companions at the training facility at Yatesbury, England, couldn’t tell even their servicemen buddies what they were working on. 

The Rescue of the Hathaway Thresher
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Vol.  IV, Page 54

 It was the world’s first rotary thresher, a significant departure from the design then in use and a forerunner of the axial flow system used in modern threshers.

Marsden Schools /   Web  / PDF
Vol.I, Page  38

The first Marsden School was constructed on the firebreak trail bordering the western edge of the Turtle Mountain Forestry Reserve. As it was built on top of a hill and could be seen for miles, it became a landmark of the area.

Prairie Skills Centre
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Vol. III   , Page  43

When the two congregations joined together and formed the Union Church, the old fieldstone building was left empty. Since that time it has served a multitude of purposes.