The village of Broomhill began as a Post Office in the 1890's. When the railway arrived and Mr. Kilkenny
built this large store it became a small village.


Broomhill suffered a fate similar to other small farming communities in the prairies, and all that remains is the decaying buildings. Homesteads dotted the surrounding area, which were filled with settlers that supported families with the hard work and hard times of farming. The community’s remains can be found near the Town of Melita, west of the City of Brandon in the extreme southwestern part of Manitoba.

Notable People

William Kilkenny – Born in Scotland on May 13, 1863, he emigrated to Canada with his family in 1885 and settled on a farm in an area of southwestern Manitoba that subsequently became known as Broomhill.  In 1892, he was appointed postmaster at Broomhill, holding the position until his death.  In 1893, a sample of his wheat won a first prize at the World's Fair in Chicago.  He had eleven children with his wife Isabella Jeffrey.  He died of a heart failure in Melita on October 25, 1919.  He is buried at the Broomhill cemetery.

Historic Sites

Kilkenny General Store -  Built in 1908 for William Kilkenny and his brother John Kilkenny.  In its heyday, the Kilkenny store was the centre of the community. A hand-operated gasoline pump sat at the south end, in front of an entrance to the store and post office, with an implement agency and garage at the north end. Three suites (two large, one small) on the upper storey were used as rented residential space. The business was operated by a succession of Kilkennys until it closed on 30 September 1964.

The building’s east and south walls are made from patterned concrete blocks, cast on site using sand and gravel obtained nearby. The original flat roof is collapsing and the interior floors have failed in several places but, otherwise, the concrete structure seems largely intact. Pressed metal wall and ceiling panels from the interior have been salvaged by a grandson of the last owner and are available for purchase.

Broomhill School No. 985 - The Broomhill School District was established in January 1899. A building was erected at NW12-5-28W in the Rural Municipality of Albert. The first school building was destroyed by fire in June 1936. A new structure was ready for resumption of classes that fall. It closed in June 1957 and merged with Hathaway School No. 717, located in the nearby hamlet of Broomhill, to become Broomhill Consolidated School No. 2363. The former school building was moved to Broomhill to be used as a teacherage then later as a community centre. In 1963, local trustees purchased a temporary classroom from the Antler River School Division, moved it to the site, and renovated it with indoor washrooms. It was later sold and moved to the Pipestone area. A monument is situated at the former school site

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