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Street Scenes


ca. 1900

The Railway

GN Officials

GN Crew House

GN Station


Crew at Bannerman


Parade in Killarney.

The Region

George Morton

Past Forward - Winnipeg's Digital Public History

More from the Rob McInnes Postcard Collection - Past Forward

  Highlights from the Boissevain Special Places Project 2009

Land Titles Office

St. Paul's United Church - 1893

St. Matthew's Anglican Church - 1890

St Andrew's Presbyterian - 1887

Elliott Stone House

Welch Block

Town Hall - 1910

Former Post Office

Nurse Halliday's  House - 1897

Dow House - 1909


George King's Store

George Morton's Ventures

Lorna Smith Nature Centre

A Tale of Two Mill Fires

Mr. Bryan's Whistle Stop

The Anchorage

The First Phone