Off The Beaten Path - Hikes and Explorations in the Brandon Region

Assiniboine Corridor Wildlife Management Area
Some of the most scenic portions of the Assiniboine River are included in this WMA. Made up of numerous parcels of land along the river, some units contain riparian forest as well as stabilized sand dunes dominated by little bluestem, and blue grama grasses.

WMA's - A Treasure in Distress

Trail 1


(Start of Trail)


The trail follows an abandoned road allowance at the corner of Rd 49 N and 98 W - a pleasant easy walk to the river.

Like so many WMA's - there are signs of abuse - trash and the ever present gunshot vandalism....

Trail 2


49* 41' 14.18" N
99* 37' 15.53" W

Its sad to see WMA's used as garbage dumps.

A few shots from 2021....

Its hard to find a WMA sign that hasn't been vandalized in this manner. We have provided  playgrounds for  people with no respect for nature or proprerty, when the purpose of WMA's was supposed to be quite different...

Wildlife Management Areas exist for the benefit of wildlife and for the enjoyment of people. They play an important role in biodiversity conservation and provide for a variety of wildlife-related forms of recreation, including birding and wildlife watching. Hunting and trapping are generally permitted in WMAs, but these activities may be prohibited or restricted in a few areas. The use of vehicles, off-road vehicles, watercraft, power boats, or airboats, may be restricted in some areas.  (Mb, Gov,)

WMA's - A Treasure in Distress

Trail 3

Start of Trail


A trail starts at the Aweme Road and proceeds alng the road allowance to the WMA