Manitoba Maps / Pre-European Settlement

The Exploration / Fur Trade Era

Southwest Manitoba Details

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Manitoba Details

Trails, Trader's Tracks and Colonization Roads

By Section, Township & Range, Studies in Prairie Settlement, John Langton Tyman
Brandon University, 1972  P 18
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Historic Trails

Scanned from the works of W.L Morton.
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1820 First NationsTerritories & Fur Trade Posts

Map from Manitoba Archives
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1859 Hind

Map of a Portion of Rupert's Land Surveyed and Examined by the Assinniboine & Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition in the Year 1858 [Sheet 3] (1859)
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1859  Palliser

A Section of a General Map of the Routes in British North America Explored by the Expedition Under Captain Palliser (1865)
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1870 Laurie 1870 NWT

Laurie’s Map of the North-West Territories (1870)
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1876  Manitoba Map

Map of the Province of Manitoba and Part of the District of Kewatin and North West Territory (1876)