William Lake

This small lake in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park is notable for several reasons.  The water is amazingly clean and free from algae making it one of the few lakes in southwestern Manitoba where one can really enjoy swimming. The restriction on the use of gas-powered boats makes it a great place for a paddle.  A day at the beach is so much more enjoyable (and safer) without the noise and smell of power boats. The nearby Turtles Back HIking Trail is a bonus and the summit offers one a great view.

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Getting There

1. Beach

2. Lots of shade



5. The Turtle's Head - across the lake.


7.  Taken from my paddle board - nice to be out without worring about some speed demon on a jet-ski cutting me off.

8. Convenient spot to lauch


10. Taken from the hiking trail 

11. Lookout on Turtle's Back

12.  From the lookout tower

13. From the lookout tower

14. From the Campground