Lang's Crossing, Rapids &Trail

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Getting There

1. Rapids from upstream

2. Rapids from upstream

3. Rapids from upstream

4. Rapids from upstream

5. Rapids up close and personal

6. Rapids up close and personal

7.  Rapids from downstream

8. Rapids from downstream

9.  About a kilometre downstream looking back

10. About a km downstream looking ahead

11. Begininng of the trail, looking towards the "Big Bend" of the Souris River.

12. Overview of the Souris Bend

13. Twists and turns on the Souris River

14. The old crossing in high water, July, 24 2014.
On most years one could walk across here in mid-summer. I've seen jeeps drive across in the fall.

15. Towards the lip of the river channel.

16. Lush growth in this wet year. Flowers everywhere.

17.  Overlooking the old crossing from the west.

18. Downstream from the crossing. The valley often has two levels.
Gentle rolling descent from the prairie is followed by sharp valley walls along many parts of the channel.

19.  Another view

20. There is often a nice updraft. Watched a group of up to five eagles for some time.
The best part was when swooped up out of the valley right in front of me.

21.  Golden Eagle along the river valley

22. High water has extended this bend significantly since my first visit nearly twenty years ago.