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This photo of a church and congregation appear in the James Wall Collection at the S.J. KcKee Archives at Brandon University. Every other photo in the collection is of sites and people in and around Baldur, Manitoba. This one isn't!

While it is unfortunate that we only see a small part of the building, the part we do see is quite revealing. It was a substantial building  – the kind that was built after the pioneer era when people were getting established.  It had a centred front entrance without a porch. The distinctive windows and the trim on the eaves are the notable details.

The most readily identifiable element might be the location with a prominent hillside in the background? It doesn’t appear to be in a town but one can’t say that for sure. It appears that the hillside has been cut for a road, which wind down to cross in front of the church. In general, a location one might remember. The various excellent Argyle histories show no similar church.. The neighbouring municipalities of Strathcona, and Victoria have yielded no obvious matches.

It could well be that this photo is nowhere near Baldur and was included in this collection for some other reason, or by mistake, but for some reason the location looks like a site we might find in the Tiger Hills – or is it in a valley?

Here are some close-ups - have a look at the people...

Any suggestions?

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