The Souris Mouth Posts

Fort Ellice

The Alpha Revisited

Grand Valley

Currie's Landing & The Brandon Rapids

Old Millford

The Alexander Reid Letters

Souris City

John Gregory's Mill

The R.M. of Argyle

General Rosser's Legacy

Brandon in 1881

The Brandon, Saskatchewan and Hudson's  Bay Railway

The Turtle Mountain Coal Mines

About This Project

This is a series of stand-alone articles reflecting patterns and events relating to the settlement of Western Manitoba.  I have linked them in a loosely chronological sequence, though they certainly  don't need to be read that way.

It is important to recognize that we have developed a habit of referring to the "settlement era", when what they really mean is settlement of the area by people of  European ancestry, for agricultural purposes.

Of course, this region has been "settled" for about 12000 years.

What began as a serties of stories about "False Starts" - the shifting alignment of communities we saw in the late 1800's as Canada  essentially appropriated this region, and encouraged p
eople of European ancestry to settle here,  has evolved with the realization that all settlement is temporary. Towns, countries and empires come and go. They roll with the times. They adapt.

That doesn't mean that the process was fair to the people who were already here. It certainly wasn't.  And by celebrating the achievements  of those settlers of European ancestry, I don't mean to imply otherwise.

Ken Storie