Transactions of the Manitoba Historical Society 

Selected Articles Related To The Westman Region

Listed in chronological order as they appeared

Notes and Comments on Harmon's Journal 1800-1820 by George Bryce
Winnipeg: Manitoba Daily Free Press, 1883. Transaction no. 9.

Prairie Fires by Ernest Thompson Seton
Winnipeg: Manitoba Daily Free Press, 1885. Transaction no. 16.

Some Historical Names and Places of the Canadian North-West by Charles N. Bell
Winnipeg: Manitoba Free Press, 1885. Transaction no. 17.

The Souris Country: Its Monuments, Mounds, Forts and Rivers by George Bryce
Winnipeg: Manitoba Free Press, 1887. Transaction no. 24.

Surface Geology of the Red River and Assiniboine Valleys by George Bryce
Winnipeg: Manitoba Free Press, 1891. Transaction no. 41.

Early Assiniboine Trading Posts of the Souris-Mouth Group, 1785-1832: Amplification of a Paper Read Before the Society, November 1928 by David A. Stewart
Winnipeg: Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, 1930. Transaction new ser., no. 5.

Archaeology in the Rock and Pelican Lake Area of Southern Manitoba by Chris Vickers

Aboriginal Backgrounds in Southern Manitoba by Chris Vickers

School Inspectors of the Early Days in Manitoba by A. A. Herriot

Souris River Forts in the Hartney District by G. A. McMorran

The Story of Beautiful Plains by Irene Richards

The Assiniboines of Manitoba by Chris Vickers

 Early Days in Souris and Glenwood by Alice E. Brown

 Silver Creek District in the Early Days by The Hon. T. A. Crerar

 Early Manitoba Rural Newspapers by Major A. M. Pratt

Early Minnedosa: The Crossing, the Town and the Railway by Dr. William J. Rose

Settlement in Southwest Manitoba, 1870-1891 by Thomas R. Weir

The Fur Trade Posts of the Souris-mouth Area by Alice E. Brown

 Sidelights on the History of Assiniboia by Edward S. Russenholt

Expansion of Settlement in Manitoba, 1870-1890 by J. Friesen

History of the Electrical Industry in Manitoba by David S. G. Ross

Early Days of Minnedosa by Mrs. E. J. Brown

 Patterns of Western Land Settlement by John L. Tyman

 The First Juvenile Court Judge: The Hon. Thomas Mayne Daly KC by Roy St. George Stubbs

 Harry Cater: The Personification of the Successful Municipal Politician? by Dr. W. Leland Clark

 Frederick Philip Grove, 1871-1948 by Ross Mitchell MD
Manitoba Pageant, Autumn 1964, Volume 10, Number

Captain Large's Prairie Riverboat by Roy W. Brown
Manitoba Pageant, Spring 1979, Volume 24, Number 3

The Brandon Wheat Kings - 1887 Vintage by A. D. "Tony" Doerksen
Manitoba Pageant, Winter 1977, Volume 22, Number 1

Grand Valley, A Boom Town 1878-1885 by Isabelle B. Heeney
Manitoba Pageant, Summer 1979, Volume 24, Number

Souris City by Clifford R. McFadden
Manitoba Pageant, Winter 1972, Volume 17, Number 3

The Criddle Family by Lillian Gibbons with postscript by Alice Brown
Manitoba Pageant, January 1961, Volume 6, Number 2

One Town's Team, Souris and Its Lacross Club, 1887-1906 by Morris Mott
Manitoba History, Number 1, 1981

A Walking Tour of Brandon
Manitoba History, Number 6, Fall 1983

Agriculture and Agitation on the Oak River Dakota Reserve, 1875-1895 by Sarah Carter
History Department, University of Manitoba
Manitoba History, Number 6, Fall 1983

The Manitoba Sanatorium, Ninette by Tim Trivett
University of Manitoba
Manitoba History, Number 7, Spring 1984

Oral History:Life in the Brandon Gaol by Ms. Jo Ann Tymchak
Manitoba History, Number 9, Spring 1985

In the Image of Ontario: Public Schools in Brandon 1881-1890 by Tom Mitchell
Brandon University
Manitoba History, Number 12, Autumn 1986

Historical Tour - Carberry, Manitoba by Rosemary Malaher
Manitoba History, Number 14, Autumn 1987

The Sacking of Peter Fidler's Brandon House, 1816 by C. Stuart Houston and Mary I. Houston
Manitoba History, Number 16, Autumn 1988