Little Saskatchewan River Route #2 / Rivers to Kirkham's Bridge


Launch : To get to Rivers drive north on Highway #10 and turn west at Highway #25. You can access the river near the bridge just east of town.

Landing : To get to Kirkham's Bridge (2) drive north to Highway #1 and turn west. Turn south on Provincial Road #270 and west on Kirkham Road. You can access the river on either side of the road.

For a longer trip continue to the Daly Bridge (2) or Highway #1 (4).

Distance :  About 50 km

Time : 5 - 7 hours

What a great run - if you do it at the right time of year. Unfortunately there is a small window of opportunity, and it can depend upon the level of spring runoff, rainfall, and the level set by the upstream dams. We did it on May 28, 1999 - after heavy rainfalls. The water was high and very fast but rocks were seldom a problem. 

Again, after heavy rains in 2014, the river was high and fast, but there were a few ledges and shallows with rocks.

Watch out for the old C.P.R. Dam just a short way from the launch site. Recent high water years have reduced it to a low obstruction but caution is always advised.

In 1999 we portaged around it, but in 2014 we passed easily over it.
There is still a great deal of turbulence.

Always watch for fences approaching the stream - some stop at the bank - others often have one or two strands of wire stretched across. 
They are extremely hazardous in fast water. We found none on our last two trips but I suspect that high water may have broken them loose.

This might well make a pleasant trip in low water as well, but one would have to allow much more time, and be prepared to walk
through or around many rocky areas. The river has wide meanders and tight twists as it makes its way down the wide valley.

Historical Notes

The old C.P.R. Dam near Rivers was erected to provide a source of water for steam engines. The "pump house" still exists on the site.