Little Saskatchewan River Route #1 / Kirkham's Bridge to Daly Bridge

Launch : To get to Kirkham's Bridge from Brandon, drive north to Highway #1 and turn west. Turn south on Provincial Road #270 and west on Kirkham Road. You can access the river on either side of the road. Note also a back road route from the Landing site.

Landing : The bridge over #1 Highway near Grand Valley, about 10 km west of Brandon.

Distance : About 10 km

Time : 2 - 3 hours

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You have your choice of destinations. We got out under the bridge (3) that spans the Assiniboine at Highway #1 near the Grand Valley Park (Former Thunder Mtn. Waterslides). You can also get out at the bridge (2) that crosses the Little Saskatchewan just before it enters the Assiniboine. This bridge is about a kilometre straight west of Grand Valley Park.

The rapids are usually passable only in the early spring, unless we get an exceptional amount of rain as we did in 1998. The water is fast - watch for rocks. More importantly, watch for fences. As the water level drops you may want to walk around some of the rapids and save your canoe.

When you pass what looks like the remains of an old bridge (it's really from a dam) you are approaching the site of the Glenorky Ski Hill. You are soon within sight of the first exit point. From there its a short easy paddle to the Assiniboine and from there it's only 10-15 minutes to the Highway #1 landing.

The rapids are easy but keep the ride interesting.

Video / Running the Rapids at the Old Hydro Dam - Nov. 5, 2016...

Late fall rains made the river not only passable, but challenging - watch my friends Wayne and Brent...

The Rock Garden

Historical Notes

As you approach the Assiniboine, near the site of the old Glenorky Ski Hill you will see the remains of Manitoba's first hydroelectric damn.
It provided electricity for Brandon and area for many years.

The remains of the dam in 2016

This view shows the remains of the dam (bottom left) and the nice set of rapids that take you past the old Glenorky Skil Hill (centre).

Wayne and Brent on the rapids....

Some Photos from May, 2013..

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